Re-Tree Movement: Revitalize Canadian Forests

There is no doubt the devastation of the pine beetle epidemic has reached far and wide and the impact is detrimental to our health, economy, and safety. As many of you may already know, Killwood is about starting a movement and sparking change. We’re combating the devastation by creating beautiful and functional products to inspire people. And through this inspiration we hope to motivate people to utilize pine beetle Killwood, for either innovative design, or by using products created from this magnificent wood. Pine beetle kill wood products trap pollution from being emitted, but how can we reduce the CO2 that is already released and improve the air we breathe?

We are introducing our reforestation initiative called the Re-Tree Movement. Much like inspiring change through design, we want to start a movement to replenish the forest, by giving back to Mother Nature what we are taking from her. For every Killwood product we create we will plant a tree. We want to inspire everyone to adopt an eco-friendly outlook by not only appreciating well-designed products, but also feeling proud to contribute to a healthier planet. On Killwood’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, you can be a part of the Re-Tree Movement by supporting Killwood Bika; no matter which reward level, we’ll be planting a tree in your honor.

As all of you found out in our previous blog post, standing pine beetle affected trees release extraordinary amounts of CO2, so much that it equals the emissions of 3.7 million cars driving on the road per year. When trees die they no longer can absorb or store their CO2, and thus release it into the atmosphere. However, healthy trees act as the perfect carbon sinks as they take CO2 and convert it to oxygen. If trees had Wifi, we’d be planting them everywhere. Too bad they only create the air we breathe, right?

In fact, planting one single tree absorbs 50 pounds of CO2 and produces 6000 pounds of oxygen. One single tree planted counters the emissions of 50,000 km driven by a car which is essentially half of the lifespan of a typical car. Most people drive 20,000 km/year; so by planting just one single tree, you can mitigate the emissions of driving a car for 2.5 years! And, did you know that the shade and wind resistance created by trees reduces annual heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars? By planting trees, we are countering the CO2 that has been released by both pine trees and daily human behaviors.

The pine beetle has caused immense devastation and the effects are inevitable. However, every single one of us has the power to fight back and protect our precious earth. Let’s work together to find more ways to get trees planted, and reduce the amount of devastated trees that exist in our landscape. Be a part of the Re-Tree Movement and keep our air clean and our forests beautiful.