Devastated Pine to Eco Design

Killwood takes the wood from pine beetle killed trees in BC and creates sustainable lifestyle goods that offset CO2. Our products use upcycled waste materials, and contribute to regrowing local forests.

Our Cause

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Our top seller and fun addition for all your adventures! We offer custom lasering services for B2B customers.



A great way to bring minimalist design and function in your home as a bike rack, book or plant stand!



Add nature to your workspace. PLANTA comes with a charging portal in the base to help organize your desk.


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Built to Last

Every Killwood product is made with solid wood construction, and precise attention to detail. Proudly handmade in British Columbia, Canada by craftsmen with over 30 years experience.

Wood that does good

Offsetting Pollution

When trees are infested by the pine beetle, CO2 is released and intensifies over time. By crafting Killwood lifestyle goods we are trapping this pollution and mitigating the greenhouse effect from these dead trees.

Rejuvinating Forests

Re-Tree Movement is another way we’re helping to rejuvenate local Canadian forests. For every Killwood product created, a new tree will be planted in place of the dead tree that was upcycled and reimagined.

Minimalist Design

Our quality contemporary lifestyle goods are inspired by the aesthetics of minimalist Japanese design, showcasing the exotic pine beetle kill wood. Our designs foster a connection to nature and bring elegant simplicity into the home.