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The Birth of the Killwood Logo

Sustainability. Thoughtful design. Premium quality. Killwood.

At the core of Killwood’s mission is to provide people with objects that are sustainable… without sacrifice. It’s a common misconception that with being environmentally responsible has to come with burden, inconvenience, and sacrifice. As emerging sustainable design efforts like Tesla Motors have proven, you can help the Earth, while getting a superior product that doesn’t rob you of thoughtful functionality, premium construction, and clean minimalist design. So, why not use a highly sustainable material that possesses all the benefits of other options with an added unique natural beauty. 

Why call it “Killwood”?

Killwood represents Pine Beetle Killwood, an upcycled sustainable wood with uniquely stunning blue-grey streaks. The pine beetle is ravaging Canadian forests, especially in northern BC, causing trees to die, rot, and pollute the atmosphere by releasing all their stored CO2. To help prevent this, Killwood is taking advantage of the natural beauty of this wood, creating products from it before it gets a chance to emit greenhouse gasses. Yes, the pine beetle is responsible for a lot of trouble, but we believe it is a worthy cause to fight further deforestation from the pine beetle, while trying to reduce the impact it has already caused. 

That’s why our logo is designed to represent the body of a beetle, the pine beetle. It's simple, reduced, modern, and sophisticated, much like the products we strive to create. Even the font is sleek and minimalist, identifying Killwood as an avant-garde brand. The logo colour, The “K” of Killwood hints at a set of antennas, and the “K” is mimicked and repeated within the beetle itself. The beetle is a call to action, a crest, a badge of treehugging, forest saving, earth-loving honour. We hope the pine beetle, instead of devastation and pollution, will come to represent the redemption story of Canadian forests, and the air we breathe. From Devastated Pine to Eco Design. Killwood.

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