5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday

Our home, our Earth.

This planet is miraculous, somehow possessing the exact conditions needed to support endless varieties of life, including you and I. As we humans have evolved, advanced and sped everything up, we’ve been using more and more energy, and natural resources… at the cost of Mother Nature. With recent divestment from upholding environmental protection by the Trump administration, sustainability efforts have taken a hit.

However the fight is far from over. Each one of us has the ability to do our part to defend the earth, whether it’s by protesting pipeline construction, voting for climate change fighters, choosing eco-friendly products, or simply by conserving electricity. Earth Hour is coming up soon on Saturday, March 27. In the evening, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. you can join this worldwide movement in saving electricity, by turning off your non-essential lights and appliances. Such a simple act can have dramatic effects when we all band together.

Here are the 5 fun ways to celebrate Earth Hour:

1) Light some candles and spark up the romance!

A nice candlelit dinner has somehow become rare in modern society. Today, date night at home is more like Netflix ‘n’ takeout. So, why not cook a delightful meal and enjoy it by candlelight with your friend or loved one. Make sure to cook the meal well in advance and save some time to post the meal on instagram, or else it didn’t happen. Once 8:30 hits, put your device away and enjoy!

2) Read a book!

Call me old-fashioned but i’ve always enjoyed the physical sensation of holding a book. In my undergraduate while others downloaded free torrents of textbooks for their iPads (if they even read that is), I always loved reading physical books. So, we suggest dusting off one of your favorite novels and giving it a read! If it’s too dark, then use your trusty candle from your romantic dinner, and maybe add set the mood for that romance novel. 

3) Play a board game!

I know board games can get pretty intense sometimes...but that’s what’s fun about them right? Grab your friends and play your favourite board game technology-free. Maybe even add some Saturday night fun to it (if you’re of drinking age) and maybe create a drinking game out of it. For example, slide down a snake in Snakes and Ladders, and you trigger a waterfall - the group drinks until the first person stops. Dangerous... If you're in the mood for something a little more spooky, some Ouija Board in the dark can’t hurt right?

4) Take a stroll!

There’s truly nothing like an evening stroll after a nice candlelit dinner. Something about that fresh spring air  in the evening that makes you stop and reflect about how lucky you are to live on such a beautiful planet. Not to mention, its great for your overall health, and, you'll sleep better too! #thelittlethingsinlife

5) Mediate!

It seems we're all too busy these days. From work, to school, to picking up the kids from soccer, we can all get a little overwhelmed at times. Meditation is a fantastic way to shut it out and have a moment just for you. Sure, it sounds like you're sitting down doing nothing, but training the mind to focus and refocus on the breath is scientifically proven to have enormous benefits. If you haven't tried it, why not light a candle, take a deep breath, and give it a go?

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